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Mitchell Friedman BASH was formed in 1991 by Mitchell Friedman. The league kicked off with 4 teams: the Seals, Flames, Caenadiens and Whales. The two captains on each team established the order of picking players with a lottery. Players were then selected in a draft which took place at the Connecticut Yankee restaurant/bar in San Francisco. Four games into the season a fifth team, the Landsharks, were added. They were comprised of the next group of players on the waiting list. The league expanded in 1992 with the addition of the Mad Dogs. Since then four teams have changed their name: the Whales became the Killer Whales and subsequently the Roadrunners, the Caenadiens are now the Bruins, the Mad Dogs are now the Rink Rats and the Flames are now the Cherry Bomb.

League Administration

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