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Been chatting with Vegas fans on hfboards. They have a 1-2-2 forecheck and the link talks more about tactics
By: DC IP: Date: - 2/17/2018 9:47:09 AM
Eddie said he had your sticks.

Vic told him to bring them to Vegas.

Not sure about anything else.
By: Jmom IP: Date: - 2/17/2018 8:26:12 AM
On a different but important note: who picked up my sticks at Angels Margate Saturday after the games last week? I need to get them ASAP please
By: H IP: Date: - 2/17/2018 8:12:39 AM
What the hell was that? My phone is possessed and goes in the spasms were at prices it’s on buttons and stuff… Butchered that last part sorry. Was trying to say

is it automatically Bush league to keep linenone out there down to the buzzer despite comfortable lead? Or validity to letting your topline practice one more time before the playground?
By: Henry Watts IP: Date: - 2/17/2018 8:10:37 AM
Mixed reaction re: Granato barking at the Russian coaches after the game. Sending out the big guns for that power play at the end. I can understand being irritated or thinking it was A slap in the face since the game was virtually over. I got no problem at all with America yelling at Russian coaches for any athletic event, adds to the drama and the rivalry. But using your special teams guys in a tournament Is a little different than if the same thing occurred in the NHL. One last power-play tuneup before they begin the playoff rounds? Or is it automatically bush leagueplay tuneup before they begin the playoff rounds? If it

having it I’ve been in the NHL… These guys done
By: H IP: Date: - 2/17/2018 8:04:31 AM
Toews-Saad are dominating the puck and goals differentials, but they are shutting down the opposition while also producing low goal totals. They need to find another center who can go head-to-head to free up Toews for offense at this point.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 3:14:34 PM
Yeah, it's team wide issue. Plus he's played in front of Glass (21 gp),Forsbethe (14) and Berube (1). Collectively GAA north of 3 and pct. south of .900. The Blackhawks is weak, special teams
By: EM IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 3:10:03 PM
Muzzin has roughly the same TIO, but has only surrendered 25 GA. Obviously this is a team problem, but that's the other end of the spectrum.

Funny enough Connor Murphy on Chicago has 300 less mins. than Keith but has also surrendered 20 less goals. No doubt against easier quality competition.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 2:40:29 PM
Keith has been on the ice for 45 GA, which is 14th worst in the league. Karlsson is second worst in the entire league with 57 GA. Strange year.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 2:36:24 PM
The Blackhawks are -13 even strength, so are Keith (24:24 min per game) and Kane(20 mpg),team high (low?).58 games each.

Sharp is -10 in 49 gp and 13 mpg.
DeBrincat, Schmaltz, Saad and Anisimov are even. Toews is plus 4.
By: EM IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 2:13:56 PM
169 sog w/out a goal.
By: EM IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 1:58:17 PM
Congrats to Duncan Keith for ending 89 game, including playoffs, goal drought.
By: EM IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 1:54:33 PM
and there's an article talking about Reilly Smith and the Selke...
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 1:27:42 PM
Gallant said. “It’ll be good to get (Nosek) back. He’s a big body guy, he skates well and plays a solid game.”
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 1:23:53 PM
The Knights’ bottom six forwards have been quiet the past 18 games, accounting for seven of the team’s 55 goals since Jan. 2.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 1:22:50 PM
Before last night tho:

"Cody Eakin doesn’t need to hear the statistics to know he and his Vegas Golden Knights linemates are struggling offensively.

“We haven’t been on the board,” he acknowledged Monday.

The Knights continue to lead the Western Conference in goals per game, as coach Gerard Gallant pointed out, and their lack of secondary scoring hasn’t hurt them in the standings, either.

But with the trade deadline less than two weeks away, on Feb. 26, Knights general manager George McPhee could look to add more scoring to his bottom six forwards.

“When you’re playing three, four lines deep and you’re just rolling and everyone’s producing, it makes it a lot easier,” wing Alex Tuch said. “And that was what was happening the first half of the season, and we kind of hit a little bit of a rut in the road, our two lines.”"
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 1:22:04 PM
Vegas fan said this about the system they play: "Quick, trying to play into transition with stretch passes while also collapsing on the net on D. Aggressive to the puck on either end, though they've let the forecheck get a little weak lately compared to the early season.

It's kind of a weird mishmash of a good attacking style and a "cover up for weak D" style."
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 12:14:25 PM
Another interesting thing: Vegas lost even the adjusted shots battle, but Edmonton could not score. Gallant is an excellent coach and a lot of Habs fans were angry that Therrien was not fired and Gallant allowed to take over. So, I'm not saying Vegas will get outcoached, they won't.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 9:29:58 AM
Penguins were missing Letang, of course and a couple second pairing dmen. but it didn't seem to affect them either. They are on a roll again now too...
By: Dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 9:27:18 AM
The Preds seemed like they were the better team in the finals last year (tho were hit by major injuries) playing against a fast Pittsburgh team that had a speed game and full-rink pressure. Preds adjusted well to that, they were just missing their #1 center, an important depth winger and Fisher was banged up. They had a third line guy playing 1C and still almost pulled it off.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 9:26:39 AM
I've only seen them play a handful of games but wasn't watching closely for matchups or systems. I doubt they'll take the Canadiens seriously tomorrow, they'll probably just roll lines and play loose.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 9:14:47 AM
When the Preds eliminated the Ducks a few years ago, the Ducks had four rambling lines like this and a solid defense made up of nobodies. Laviolette just slapped this weird full-ice trap against them and by the time they got thru the gauntlet they couldn't do anything. When the Ducks were breaking out, Weber and Josi sat at the top of their own circles, two other guys took the blueline and they had one guy forechecking and by the time the Ducks got to the blueline they were doing their short-dump thing, but they were either turning it over or forced to the wall.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 9:13:16 AM
Laviolette would pick that apart tho I would assume.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 9:10:37 AM
I don't know if they match lines. Looking at their minutes, looks like they roll lines evenly. So home ice might not matter to them.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 9:10:16 AM
And Miller is the guy with the big shot, but he's dishing out PP assists mostly. That makes no sense either.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 9:09:28 AM
Fleury's numbers are good but his advanced numbers are not. The top line and the fourth line are dominating. The second line is scoring despite bad shots numbers. The third line is average except that guy Tuch. The defensemen are yawn-worthy except they work together somehow. Miller-Hunt (or with whoever) is clicking with the fourth line and Miller has been good on the PP. That makes zero sense. The second pairing has been good enough to be called that. The first pairing McNabb-Schmidt are working with the top line somehow.

None of it makes sense.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 9:08:47 AM
Adjusted pulls them closer. Looks like Edmonton had all the possession early, mounted a huge flurry, then Vegas went the other way and had a small flurry and scored. After that Edmonton had the puck for a bit but Vegas closed the period with six shots in the last minute. They came out for the second and went end-to-end and Vegas scored again. Then they kept trading chances. Vegas didn't let down at 2-0 and ten mins later Vegas scored again 3-0. Vegas still did not let up and they kept trading chances into the next period and Vegas scored .. again .. five mins in 4-0.

Bellemare, Nosek, Tuch, McNabb, Schmidt, Carpenter (goal) all dominated shots, and Marchessault and Karlsson each got one even tho they were dominated on shots.

So looks like the depth just tires teams out. Bellemare I always thought was effective but his advanced stats were always bad, but then he was on bad Philly teams too. Don't know those other guys: Tuch, Nosek, Carpenter.

McNabb was a solid possession player who made mental errors in LA. Schmidt was more of a one-way guy in DC. But together they work great.

Karlsson was a loafer I seem to remember, now he's a sniper. Maybe because he never got a shot in the top 6 before?

By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 9:06:23 AM
Don't forget the Fleury Factor.

He's been there and won it before...

And he's having one of his best seasons - he's a big part of what makes every Knight compete every night.

By: db IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 9:03:32 AM
I will look at the adjusted stats since there was a two goal lead.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 8:57:48 AM
Yesterday was the reverse, Edmonton was all over possession but Vegas was scoring. Their top two lines got outplayed but outscored Edmonton. That's a new one.

Although, Vegas had two flurries, one at the end of the first and one at the beginning of the second and even tho they were underwater on shots, they scored on both.

They were underwater after that, but were sitting on a two goal lead, so that's understandable from a stats standpoint.

By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 8:54:36 AM
I will study them closer tomorrow but it appears to me all they are doing is puck pressure all over the ice and a heavy forecheck?
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 8:51:07 AM
Not saying it's luck, I'm saying teams will adjust.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 8:50:27 AM
"players available"
By: Oops IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 8:16:22 AM
Iirc, after looking at available I stated here the Knights could challenge for one of the bottom playoff spots. Obviously nobody saw this coming (200:1 pre-season odds to win the Cup, lowest in NHL and same as 'yotes). They're pre-season over for wins was 24.5 and money line for making playoffs was 700/1400. 25th win came on 12/28.

However, the Blackhawks had the number 1 seed in West last year and third overall point total and got swept in first round. The Blues, Stars, Kings and Sharks would be a challenging first round opponent.
By: EMq IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 8:14:30 AM
Vegas TOTALLY dominated Edmonton last night.

All luck.

By: db IP: Date: - 2/16/2018 5:32:52 AM
I have the stats for every NHLer who has ever played by season. I just clicked data sort and the clock is spinning.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/15/2018 9:33:13 AM
They just sent me the spread sheet. I cannot even figure out the legend:

Calculated Field
Solve Order Field Formula
1 $EV% =EVCalc/GP
2 $ESGF/S ='$ESGF'/SFrac
3 $ESGA/S ='$ESGA'/SFrac
4 $R-ON ='$ESGF'/'$ESGA'
5 $R-OFF =POWER(('$ESGF'+'$ESGA'+'XEV+/-')/('$ESGF'+'$ESGA'-'XEV+/-'),1/0.65)
6 $AEV+/-/S ='AEV+/-'/SFrac
7 $ESP/S ='$ESP'/SFrac
8 $PP% =PPCalc/GP
9 $TmPP+ =EXP(TmPPR/PPCalc)
10 $PPP/S ='$PPP'/SFrac
11 $SH% =SHCalc/GP
12 $TmSH+ =EXP(TmSHR/SHCalc)
13 $TmEV+ =EXP(TmEVR /EVCalc )
14 GP% =GP/LgGP
15 $SHP/S ='$SHP'/SFrac
18 $ESG/S ='$ESG'/SFrac
19 $PPG/S ='$PPG'/SFrac
20 $PPA/S ='$PPA'/SFrac
21 $ESGF/82 ='$ESGF'/GP*82
22 $ESGA/82 ='$ESGA'/GP*82
23 $AEV+/-/82 ='AEV+/-'*82/GP
24 $ESP/82 ='$ESP'*82/GP
25 $PPP/82 ='$PPP'*82/GP
26 $SHP/82 ='$SHP'*82/GP
27 Junk ='$PP%'*'$SH%'*'$TmPP+'/'$TmSH+'

Calculated Item
Solve Order Item Formula

Note: When a cell is updated by more than one formula,
the value is set by the formula with the last solve order.

To change the solve order for multiple calculated items or fields,
on the Options tab, in the Calculations group, click Fields, Items, & Sets, and then click Solve Order.

By: dc IP: Date: - 2/15/2018 9:30:55 AM
The folks in my all-time historical draft group (NHL, not BASH) make statistical adjustments by year based on rule changes, games played, roster sizes, etc. and give a 1-100 VsX score so that you can compare eras. That would be interesting to do for BASH.

To calculate the VsX scores of the ROLOTZ (Rest of the League Other Than Zink), you would take Zink out (and Roberge and Millar, Charlie, etc.) and calculate using someone statistically close to the pack as the leader. That gives the true measure of an era. Not sure what that calculation is either.

BASH has definitely had some dry years for scoring tho and you wouldn't hold a player accountable for that, you'd adjust.
By: Dc IP: Date: - 2/15/2018 9:09:27 AM
I'd like to see a PPG leaders by year.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/15/2018 9:06:05 AM
and, this might be the first time ever there would be 5 different scoring champs in 5 consecutive years\
By: chet IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 10:04:54 PM
I think Rowean's the only one. except the first year, when everyone was a rookie
By: chet IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 9:55:07 PM
Pts G A GP PPG runner up pts
2017 Gornick 62 24 38 16 3.9 Z 48
2016 Hatfield 43 33 10 15 2.9 Quick 41
2015 Quick 42 17 25 14 3.0 Z 36
2014 Z 57 29 28 15 3.8 Gornick 40
2013 Z 63 33 30 18 3.5 Iannucci 45
2012 Z 56 33 23 18 3.1 Shea 42
2011 Z 54 30 24 17 3.2 Millar 37
2010 Z 51 30 21 17 3.0 Millar 47
2009 Millar 61 27 34 20 3.1 Z 56
2008 Z 76 45 31 18 4.2 Millar 50
2007 Z 65 41 24 18 3.6 Millar 38
2006 Z 62 38 24 17 3.6 Millar 43
2005 Z 72 51 21 17 4.2 Roberge 42
2004 Z 45 29 16 15 3.0 Millar 42
2003 Z 84 51 33 14 6.0 Roberge 51
2002 Millar 51 34 17 20 2.6 Wardynski 50
2001 Roberge 46 25 21 14 3.3 Clarke 41
2000 Roberge 63 34 29 17 3.7 Wardynski 44
1999 Gustafson 40 20 20 20 2.0 Rowean 35
1998 Nailor 51 18 33 20 2.6 Clarke 48
1997 Gustafson 41 26 15 20 2.1 Rowean 41
1996 Rowean 37 21 16 14 2.6 Blanchette 35
1995 Caicco 52 34 18 17 3.1 Rowean 43
1994 Nailor 45 24 21 16 2.8 Rowean 43
1993 Rowean 37 27 10 17 2.2 Wilson 35
By: format boooo IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 9:15:47 PM
who were BASH rookies to lead the league in scoring?
By: chet IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 9:14:20 PM
I would have to do the same thing for Nashville. Or Boston. Or Tampa. Then matchups can be looked at.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 3:10:05 PM
Marchessault is 12th in primary points. Karlsson is 22nd.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 3:09:27 PM
I take it back about Vegas' top line being superstars, this year is just off teh charts.

Marchand is getting a whopping 73% goals for percentage. Bergeron is at 70. Matthews at 72. Karlsson is 11th. Reilly Smith is 24th.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 3:07:31 PM
Colin Miller is their best Corsi shots guy - and he's only 18th in the league. It's a wild year. Bergeron is third, Toews fifth, Dougie Hamilton 11th - sorry had to throw that in there), Marchand 14th, 3 Sharks in the top 24.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 3:05:37 PM
They're only 12th in PPG and 15th in drawing penalties. But 5th in PPA - no surprise with Gallant and they take the 6th least amount of penalties.

By: Dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 3:03:01 PM
They don't take penalties. They draw a lot of penalties - esp Neal, Carrier, Leipsic, Karlsson. Perron draws and takes a lot, but is a real pest. Very pesky team that must throw teams off their game but they are getting the better of the penalties called also. Moving their feet I guess. Carpenter and Hunt are stripping pucks for the 4th line/3rd pairing unit.

Primary points: March (27), Karlsson (25), Neal (21), Smith (20), Perron (18), Tuch (14), Haula (14 - shit this guy wasn't even in my line combos), Engellund? (13).

Teamwise they are still only 8th in the league in possession (behind Pitt - uh oh). Boston is first. Calgary 4th. SJ 6th as per usual. Tampa 11th.

As a PDO team they are not due to fall, they are only 14th, which is perfectly fine, they could even rise a bit. Tampa, Toronto, Wash, Boston, Nash, Colorado, LA, Ana all might slip a bit.

Their collective SP% is only 21st. Shooting percentage is 6th. So they'll probably slip on scoring a bit as I said earlier, but I think their goaltending could improve some.

On the advanced stats predictions board, they have Nashville just sneaking by Vegas for the most points in the West. They have Boston sneaking by Tampa also. But Nashville should win the President's Trophy with Vegas in 2nd and then Boston and Tampa. So the West will likely get home ice if these are the conference finalists.

As for goalies and high danger save percentages: Fleury is 30th. So if you can get to the net on them, you will score. But you need to get the puck first, which means matching up against their 2nd and 3rd lines and trying to go power-vs-power and outskate the Karlsson line so you can get in on Engellund/Theodore and get to the net on them (both are tough customers so not easy).

By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 2:58:40 PM

Line 1: Superstar numbers that should drop to star numbers. And they have leeway to hide them from stronger checking if they want. Also, Marchessault is only shooting 10%, he can easily maintain that. Karlsson is shooting 24.2% - which is stupid good. He has a great release and accuracy tho if you've watched him. That must fall tho.

Line 2: Fairly average even strength. Perron has 12 PPA and is 15% shooting % and is a PPG player somehow. Lindberg is due for a boost also. Neal's numbers are actually dragging the line down. Very strange numbers - again.

Line 3: Nothing special here other than Tuch. Who the fuck is this guy? Off the charts numbers. He's carrying the line.

Line 4: I already said. They are pairing up with the third pairing of Miller/Hunt and dominating the puck. Before this season you would think this unit should have its ass handed to it on paper. Bellemare's numbers are dominant. Carpenter's expected goals are ridiculous.

D1: McNabb/Schmidt - Strong first pairing numbers that should drop a bit. Looks like they are playing with the 2nd and third lines a lot.

D2: Engellund/Theodore - Average second pairing numbers coming from third pairing guys playing with the top line looks like. The top line is inflating their numbers I guess?

D3: Miller/Hunt: Off the charts shots differentials, which leads to a high expected goals - tho unlikely. Still they are dominating the puck. And Miller has 10 PPA.

By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 2:41:15 PM
And Miller's PDO and expected goals show he has more to give.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 2:31:50 PM
Next - their fourth line is ridiculous. Bellemare has a rep for being a bad advanced stats player, but his numbers are off the charts and his PDO won't drag him down either. Same with Miller. So Miller/Hunt is pairing with the 4th line and Miller/Bellemare are dominating somehow.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 2:31:18 PM
And yes that's true because the quality of teammate for the top line is very low. So they are playing with Engellund/Theodore.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 2:29:08 PM
Next striking thing: Engellund and Theodore is their weakest pairing but their expected goals are very good because the quality of teammate they are playing with is excellent so they probably get a lot of reps with the top line - which is strange.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 2:27:46 PM
Next striking thing is that they are rolling their lines and d pairings almost equally against anyone and mostly succeeding.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 2:24:13 PM

Smith (54.43cf / 63.64gf / 55.98eg / *103.33pdo)
Karlsson (54.96cf / 66.67gf / 53.75eg / *103.74pdo)
Marchessault (54.96cf / 62.5gf / 56.45eg / *102.59pdo)

Perron (48.11cf / 47.89gf / 45.50eg / *100.03pdo)
Lindberg (50.61cf / 45.16gf / 54.56eg / *98.26pdo)
James Neal (50.75cf / 48.72gf / 48.10eg / *99.52pdo)

Leipsic (49.67cf / 50.00gf / 51.18eg / *99.75pdo)
Eakin (48.13cf / 44.00gf / 46.77eg / *98.04pdo)
Tuch (52.41cf / 55.81gf / 56.15eg / *100.43pdo)

Nosek (50.65cf / 46.15gf / 51.42eg / *98.88pdo)
Bellemare (54.98cf / 54.29gf / 57.61eg / 99.63pdo)
Carpenter (50.85cf / 50.00gf / 54.28eg / *100.00pdo)

McNabb (52.15cf / 57.14gf / 53.02eg / *101.34pdo)
Schmidt (50.47cf / 55.95gf / 52.29eg / *101.63pdo)

Engelland (49.48cf / 53.85gf / 51.82eg / *100.90pdo)
Theodore (51.53cf / 50.94gf / 51.09eg / *99.27pdo)

Miller (56.22cf / 50.72gf / 56.56eg - 98.57pdo)
Hunt (55.03cf / 48.48gf / 53.75eg - 98.77pdo)

By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 2:23:01 PM

Smith (54.43cf / 63.64gf / 55.98eg / *103.33pdo) - Karlsson (54.96cf / 66.67gf / 53.75eg / *103.74pdo) - Marchessault (54.96cf / 62.5gf / 56.45eg / *102.59pdo)
Perron (48.11cf / 47.89gf / 45.50eg / *100.03pdo) - Lindberg (50.61cf / 45.16gf / 54.56eg / *98.26pdo) - James Neal (50.75cf / 48.72gf / 48.10eg / *99.52pdo)
Leipsic (49.67cf / 50.00gf / 51.18eg / *99.75pdo) - Eakin (48.13cf / 44.00gf / 46.77eg / *98.04pdo) - Tuch (52.41cf / 55.81gf / 56.15eg / *100.43pdo)
Nosek (50.65cf / 46.15gf / 51.42eg / *98.88pdo) - Bellemare (54.98cf / 54.29gf / 57.61eg / 99.63pdo) - Carpenter (50.85cf / 50.00gf / 54.28eg / *100.00pdo)

McNabb (52.15cf / 57.14gf / 53.02eg / *101.34pdo) - Schmidt (50.47cf / 55.95gf / 52.29eg / *101.63pdo)
Engelland (49.48cf / 53.85gf / 51.82eg / *100.90pdo) – Theodore (51.53cf / 50.94gf / 51.09eg / *99.27pdo)
Miller (56.22cf / 50.72gf / 56.56eg - 98.57pdo) - Hunt (55.03cf / 48.48gf / 53.75eg - 98.77pdo)

By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 2:22:02 PM
This is a high scoring year, otherwise the slip wouldn't be a problem they'd still be at the top of the league. But a slip is due from this line.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 2:10:10 PM
Starting with their top line:

Reilly Smith (54.43cf / 63.64gf / 55.98eg / *103.33pdo)

Karlsson (54.96cf / 66.67gf / 53.75eg / *103.74pdo)

Marchessault (54.96cf / 62.5gf / 56.45eg / *102.59pdo)

The shots and goals differentials are ridiculous. And they've been getting good goaltending so the PDO number is highly inflated. Rarely do you see this. All three are playing like superstars, not just stars.

The expected goals and the PDO suggest they are due for a fall to JUST stardom.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 2:08:55 PM
Wonder how many guys are still around who drafted ahead of him...
By: db IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 11:43:46 AM

...looks like about 26 guys still in NHL
By: bob cee IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 1:41:02 PM
When he started scoring goals, the tables turned.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 1:32:24 PM
The next World Cup is in 2020. The last one was boring as fuck other than the Youngstars.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 1:31:26 PM
Phaneuf is due to be paid $7.675M more than Gaborik in actual dollars over the next three years, but that's offset by #sens retaining 25%
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 1:29:25 PM
Marchand is REALLY trying to break his habits.
But old habits are hard to shake...

He states that he became an edgy player because at 5'9" he knew he had to do that to be considered even a long-shot as an NHL prospect. Bruins drafted him in the 3rd round. Wonder how many guys are still around who drafted ahead of him...

Teams are coming after HIM now. They know the refs are just waiting for him to
In last night's game to ANYTHING, so after ever whistle, he gets fucked with.

Last night the Flames D came right at him after every whistle.
He put his head down and got knocked on his ass and punched in the face acouple times. The one time he put up his hands to protect himself, Ref called a penalty on HIM.

By: db IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 11:43:46 AM
"I don't agree about Vegas. They've played their best every night and it's all on videotape. Teams with better talent that are just as hungry when it counts will adjust now. If not, they certainly won't get past Nashville."

That is a weak argument if any. Oh because it's all on videotape, they're not going to continue to win? Oh, there are more talented teams that are just as hungry to win, but they haven't tried their best against Vegas?

Oh, they certainly won't get by Nashville who they've beat twice already, because that's what YOU think???


You can do better than that.
How about this:

The playoffs are different because in a 7-game series...? (here I can't help you. Vegas has a ton of regulation wins)

The Knights weaknesses are that? (I dunno, that it's they're first year in existence and so they don't have any history of winning or losing in the playoffs? That they're "not that talented" and the last 55 games have just been luck? They're too young? They're too old? Their PP or PK or advanced stats say they can't win?)


By: db IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 11:36:27 AM
Sens kept salary?
No they traded salaries too.
Phaneuf is like $21M for 3 years; and Gaborik is $11M

By: db IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 11:27:59 AM
The NHL (owners/Bettman) did the right thing getting out of the Olympics...
It adds even MORE NHL hockey to an already ridiculously long season, thereby creating a drain on the NHL product - an overdose of hockey, and takes away from the Stanley Cup Playoffs... which is really the main product.

And if you asked the players/NHLPA, I bet you'd get the same response: Too much to throw in a serious 2-week tournament, that takes place 15-18 time-zones away, into an already long, travel-latent season.

And if you ask this fan, I'd rather see this:
1. Amateurs back in the Olympics where they belong

2. An international tournament in North America (or Europe)
for Pros... in the Off-Season...Canada Cup / World Cup

By: db IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 11:26:54 AM
"Eddie Shore, this is Brad Marchand. Brad Marchand, Eddie Shore."
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 10:37:45 AM
However, commentator says:

"Marchand deserves a bump, but I'm not sure that much. He's got a 1st team AS to his name and a great showing in the WCOH but he still doesn't bring much offense to this level and until last year his Selke record were token (couple) votes. Grade A pest though. I'm sure there are some ruffians in the ATD that won't take to kindly to his antics :laugh::naughty:

Edit: He's got enough skill to be on a 2nd unit PK though IMO."
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 10:36:58 AM
Guy in my all-time draft just picked Brad Marchand.... I can't say 'Now I feel old, because I've been feeling old already.'

Ever since Brad's first full season in the league in 2010-11, he has led the league in plus-minus at +184.

One third of the modern writers make a note to place a Selke vote for Marchand.

He has also led all players in shorthanded scoring with 23 shorthanded goals and 36 shorthanded points.

Another third of the modern writers make a note to place a Selke vote for Marchand.

For those of you who use the modern advanced stats, Brad has been fifth in Corsi since entering the league.

The remaining modern writers make a note to place a Selke vote for Marchand.

He has been one of the best left wingers in the league --

The writers all cross out their notes about Selke votes, remembering Marchand is not a centre.

with his scoring, checking, agitating, and playoff heroics. Oh, and he's also first in the league in that time for goals scored on the backhand (48) and shooting percentage on the backhand (29%).
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 10:34:58 AM
You would prefer a steady diet of Crosby-McDavid-Toews?
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 9:51:56 AM
I would love to see what kind of ratings drop nhl games suffer for the next couple weeks because of interest in the Olympics instead.

(Not that the nhl would honestly admit their mistake)

Fucking bet-man.
By: Jmom IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 9:44:20 AM
In a sense, the playoffs have already begun because Vegas is fighting for home ice in the conference finals and finals now and they've gone 6-4 in their last 10.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 9:15:01 AM
Most teams work hard in the playoffs. Vegas hasn't faced that yet.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 9:12:54 AM
Although in the Olympics you might have a Vegas effect. Those lesser Euro teams that have experienced international guys might pounce on the chance to beat old vets on the other teams. Slovenia over the US yesterday for instance.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 9:11:27 AM
Sens kept salary. Kings always find a way to slot in guys like that. I'm assuming they're backing off their speed game and going back to their slow D game. He'll fit well.

I don't agree about Vegas. They've played their best every night and it's all on videotape. Teams with better talent that are just as hungry when it counts will adjust now. If not, they certainly won't get past Nashville. Depending on how many people Dustin Brown injures from here until the second round.
By: dc IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 9:08:07 AM
Yeah. Thanks betman
By: Ovi IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 8:34:02 AM
Trade would have been big news in 2007.

Somehow both the sens and kings managed to get screwed.

By: Jmom IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 8:33:16 AM
At his contract numbers, I'd say he's a bust... NO Thanks.
3 more years with an inflated contract.

But if Blake is right...?
LA definitely needed a reliable stay-at-home guy.

Ottowa is lucky dump this contract for only Goborik minus the cash difference.

By: db IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 8:21:30 AM
I've NEVER been a Phaneuf fan.
But he's no longer the goon he used to be.
He's not that tough now, or was he ever?

Good move by Kings anyways, eh?
I agree withadding experience, but we'll see if he can help LA lower their hurting Goal Allowed #...

""Dion brings to our club a great deal of experience and leadership. He also plays with a physical edge which complements our line-up well. Nate has a good reputation of being a high-energy player on the ice. Both guys are also high character guys," Kings Vice President and General Manager Rob Blake said Tuesday."

By: db IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 8:08:44 AM
If Moet & Lindt doesn't get you any action, it's time to go see the couple's therapist.

By: db IP: Date: - 2/14/2018 7:51:22 AM